Thursday, November 21, 2019

Leadership and Power of Politics in Organizations Essay

Leadership and Power of Politics in Organizations - Essay Example The power of politics plays out in the organization and is often seen through the countless issues. These ranges from; struggle for control of information and resources, tactical influence, stature, and competition for power. This paper will examine how leadership and political actions work in organizations, and how these lessons can be applied in an organization. Top management in multinational corporations have a daunting task of ensuring that everything they carry out is for the organization’s interests. They have to ensure that the organization’s goals and objectives are laid out for everyone in the firm. This then guarantees workplace efficacy and understanding among all those working in that environment. Organizational politics ensures that employees are loyal to the organization’s cause. Leaders in the workplace often ensure that employees are willing to get involved in the growth and development of the organization. Leadership and the power of politics ensure that everything in the organization is running smoothly. This is from employee relations, to the decision-making process, which ensures that the organization has its priorities straight. In the provided cases, it is clear that power in the workplace is a tool that exists, but may not necessarily be used. Elizabeth Parker is promoted to a position of power after the resignation of a senior person in the organization (Skinner and Burst 1). To her, this new position is the backbone of the organization. She feels like it is her responsibility to ensure that the organization performs based on her department’s performance. She takes on the challenge trying to ensure that everything is done right and through proper means. However, as she is soon to find out, being in a position of power does not mean that everything will run smoothly. Her opposition and challenges come in the form of senior directors in the department through some of the operations

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